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Ingredients of a Successful Business

There are fundamental commonalities among all masters of business. I’ve broken these ingredients down into two categories: the first – innate. Nature. These are characteristics, beliefs, ways of being. This is who you are and how you are. If you do not have this, I cannot help you. If this first list doesn’t inspire, trigger, […]

The Last Princess

When I was a young girl, I used to love watching Disney movies with my sister. Not just any Disney movies, but the ones with princesses in them. And not princesses who were actually ogres who were actually princesses. No. Real princesses that dreamt of real princes on real white horses. Yes, I enjoyed our […]

Oh the possibilities: let yourself dream

When you dream, the possibilities are endless. Ten years ago as an undergrad, I dreamed of one day working for one of the big five Wall Street firms. Five years ago, I dreamed of one day being a top producer in my division. Three years ago, I dreamed of one day developing the strategy and […]

Are dreams for everyone?

From January 20, 2010 I met my old friend today. My envy of him comes from the same place as my highs from smelling summertime. He found and followed his dream of becoming a photographer, and his no-boundaries approach to building a legacy is one I feel privileged to be witnessing. I know that one […]