Magician and the horse cop

25. August 2012 All, Favorites, Life 0
I saw a magician on ocean city boardwalk last night. There were just a few of us watching at first, but within minutes he had built up an impressive crowd of people fighting for a view of what he was doing. By the time he was on his final trick, he had every one of ...

Breaking Bad

24. August 2012 All, Life 0
Dick had on a show the other night called “Breaking Bad”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I know he loves this show because he told me about the storyline three times over the course of three days. While I had no interest in watching it myself, I decided there was no harm in having ...

They told me I was smart in 1st grade

23. August 2012 All, Life 0
In 1st grade,┬áthey made me a Red Cardinal. The Cardinals read faster than the Blue Jays so they put us together. We got to sit on the reading carpet at the front of the room but the Blue Jays sat in the back. In 4th grade, they picked me for the Academically Talented program. They ...

I got rid of my things and had an epiphany

21. August 2012 All, Life 0
Getting ready to move across the country has forced me to question every object, article of clothing, kitchen item, electronic, and book with a critical eye and ask it, “do I really need you?” My answer to most has been a resounding “no.” Here is the epiphany I’ve come to over the last 8 weeks: ...

The lady at the diner

19. August 2012 All, Favorites, Life 0
I used to wait tables at the diner to help pay for books and gas and food through high school and college. I worked with a diverse staff. Some were students like me – working part time during the school year and full time during summer break. Many of these girls would stand around gossiping ...

The fear of silence

16. August 2012 All, Life 0
Silence is powerful. Understated and powerful. It makes people uncomfortable. We seek to fill our silences with noise, television, music, words. It isn’t the fear of the silence itself that causes us to fill the void but a fear of rejection in all forms. Demonstrate your control over this fear by giving silence life.

Enjoying daily luxuries

15. August 2012 All, Life 0
Ever ask yourself, “why do I have so much stuff?”. I think it’s the natural response to the fact that as humans, we need so little to get by. And when things get so out of whack (as a result of our response to marketing, society and our insecurities), our inner selves fight back and ...