Enjoying daily luxuries

15. August 2012 All, Life 0

Ever ask yourself, “why do I have so much stuff?”. I think it’s the natural response to the fact that as humans, we need so little to get by. And when things get so out of whack (as a result of our response to marketing, society and our insecurities), our inner selves fight back and say, “what is all this nonsense?”

In reality, we really only “need” a few things: a safe place to dwell, food/water/air for sustenance, and clothes to shelter us from the elements. Beyond that, everything else we own is a “want” not a “need”. We toss around the word “need” so often that we’ve abused and misused the concept. Need refers to something that is essential to our being. Clothing may be so, but a particular fashion item is not. Food may be so, but a particular cuisine is not. Rest may be so but exotic travel is not. Once we recognize this, we can begin to appreciate and enjoy all of the true “luxuries” all around us.