Money and freedom

23. March 2015 All, Life 0

Once upon a time, I thought money was the root of all evil. I shunned material things. In fact, it was only my last post a few years ago when I went through a deeply transformational outlook shift. At that time, I wanted to have very little, be bound nowhere and be free like the wind. When my company offered me a 2 year work assignment across country, my husband and I thought it was a great opportunity to get rid of everything and pursue our new life of levity together.

And here we are… two and a half years later – we’ve bought a beautiful home, have both accepted more permanent positions at our companies and are ready to welcome a baby to our family next month. Not only have I stopped shunning things but we’ve spent the past year settling down – furnishing, decorating and preparing our home for living. Wehave enjoyed every single second of it. I mean, we’ve been really happy.

Everything changed. But what? I ask myself, was I unauthentic or misguided during any part of my journey? Was I falsely enlightened? Or have I gone back to my materialistic ways?

I don’t think so, but perhaps it would take many more years of wisdom and perspective to find out. What I do know is that we’re in a good place now. We’re stronger together and as individuals than we’d ever been. We are creating a nest together where we can grow a family. And we wake up every morning to the bright desert sun knowing that each day is a gift and that all of the things around us are just things. Surrounding ourselves with them does not make us bad people. Nor does spending and giving freely like these gifts are plentiful. Because in reality, freedom isn’t defined by what you have or don’t have but by how willingly you give of what you do, whether it be your time, your money, your love, and your energy. By giving these things you’re demonstrating that you believe there’s more of it, that it’s bountiful and endless.. that it’s free. And that is what makes you free.